Beyond the Broadcast: How to Make the Truth “Stick”

  • Beyond the Broadcast: How to Make the Truth “Stick”
Beyond the Broadcast: How to Make the Truth “Stick”

Too often, we receive solid biblical teaching but do not take it with us. We read meaningful books, but they do not affect our lives. We hear a profound statement from a wise counsellor, but it quickly fades into the background.

How does the truth become more than just an abstract thought? How can it seep into our lives and become part of us, part of our very essence?

The person of character is one who both knows the truth and can apply it to the circumstances life brings. But how does one make the transition from head to heart? How can we make the truth “stick”?

God’s Word makes it clear.

1. The Problem of Ignorance (1 Peter 3:13–16)

Our culture is becoming less knowledgeable about both general and biblical knowledge.

2. The Importance of Teachers (1 Corinthians 15:58)

Teachers need to know that their work is not in vain and their teaching is not fruitless.

3. A Foundation for Learning (Ezra 7:10)

Three commonalities with Ezra provide a fertile ground for learning.

Every student needs to adopt four strategies to make sure the truth takes root in his or her life: make a personal commitment, become a loyal student of the Bible, practice the truths of Scripture, and share Christ with someone else.

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