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Speaking Truth

Sometimes we just can’t stay silent anymore when opposition to truth seems to reign. After praying for wisdom and boldness, Chuck Swindoll says it’s time to step in and speak up!

A Wise Person

Would you like to be wise? How can you avoid being foolish? In this month's Video Insight, Chuck Swindoll describes the differences between the wise person and the foolish person.

Trust Him

Do you need to have everything make sense all the time? What do you do when it doesn't? In this month's Video Insight Chuck Swindoll challenges you to trust God even in the tough times.

What Are You Doing to Fulfil the Great Commission?


Because of the clear, accurate, and practical teaching of God’s Word by Chuck Swindoll and the resources of Insight for Living Canada, thousands of lives have been impacted. People have responded to Jesus’ challenges. They have become disciples and they have engaged in the task of making disciples. 

Be Disciples Make Disciples


At Insight for Living Canada, we are committed to discipleship—both being disciples and making disciples. We know Chuck Swindoll’s clear, accurate, and practical Bible-teaching have helped thousands, if not millions, of Canadians understand how to understand and apply God’s Word to their lives. They have become disciples and they are making disciples.

Why did you choose the NLT for this Bible?


The New Living Translation is a very readable and trustworthy translation. Written in today’s language people will understand what it’s saying and therefore will have an easier time understanding what it means.

Who is this Bible for?


You don’t need a Bible college education or seminary degree to understand The Swindoll Study Bible. All of it relates to life as we live it, as we see it. Anyone from new believers to long-time churchgoers can use and understand this study Bible.