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Video Insights

These engaging, informative vignettes by Chuck Swindoll are bite-sized nuggets of wisdom and humour ranging from doctrinal issues to relationship tips to ways to improve your own attitude and outlook on life.

Videos in this Series

Take Time

Our children naturally need a lot of instruction from us. But when was the last time you just hung out with your child and listened to them? Chuck Swindoll recalls such a time.

He is God


How many years of walking with God and reading His Word does it take to finally figure out His ways and think like Him? Chuck Swindoll's answer may surprise you.

Coming Alongside

Why does the Bible tell us not to go it alone but to stay in close touch with others? Chuck Swindoll reminds us of the benefits of having friends—and of being one.

Empty Handed

Need a friendly reminder not to focus too much on the things you own in this life? Chuck Swindoll gives a description that will probably stick in your memory for a while.

A Conversation with Steve Johnson

Each month, we send a ministry letter to people who want to stay connected with Insight for Living Canada by mail and email.

Recently, our executive director Steve Johnson took a few minutes to expand on his most recent ministry letter, its theme of God’s transformative power, and why it’s so important for us to stay focused on at this time.

We hope you enjoy this video.

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