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No Way Out

Matthew 6:34

Sometimes it seems like your situation is hopeless and your life is unredeemable. But the truth is, there is freedom. In life there are two masters. One is an enemy, who will put you into bondage and a deathlike existence. The other is your Redeemer and Friend. You can only serve one, and the choice is yours.

Remembering Remembrance Day

In Scripture we are told to remember the Lord's death until He comes (1 Corinthians 11:17-34). Participating in the act of remembering this actual historical event helps make and keep it real to us. The bread and wine are real—we can see, taste, touch, and smell them. That's important because we are prone to forget things. That is why the Lord wants us to do it regularly—in remembrance of Him. May we never forget what it is all about either.

Defiance and Misery

Proverbs 13:15

Defiance affects everyone, no matter your age. And it traps you in your selfishness, stubbornness, indifference, resistance, and contempt. Why not get rid defiance and live according to God’s Word. “Good understanding produces favor, but the way of the treacherous is hard,” (Proverbs 13:15 NASB).