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Purpose to Live According to your Position and Identity in Christ

What do you see when you look in the mirror? How do you perceive yourself? Someone has said, “Perceptions are reality.” Someone else said, “Whatever you think you are—you are!”

Here is a bold statement: If you see yourself as a sinner, saved by grace, you will sin and your Christian life will be mediocre at best. You will be riddled with guilt and open to Satan’s attack along that line. In other words, what we believe about ourselves determines our behaviour. One of Satan’s most successful schemes is that of keeping Christians ignorant of their true identity in Christ.

Don't Despair

Isaiah 32:3-4

Here’s a funny story from Chuck illustrating how easy it is to talk to someone and yet not communicate with him. To be on the same page we need to meet people where they’re at and accept them without judgment or criticism.