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God of the Fly

2 Kings 1

Have you ever wondered about the name, “Baalzebub?” The name is comprised of two Hebrew words—Baal meaning “lord or god,” and Zebub meaning, “to move here and there quickly,” referencing flies.

First Impressions

Beginning days are often the hardest ones. Chuck Swindoll says, “How do we learn consistent faith? We learn it one day at a time. We learn it through endurance.” He’s right. As you walk into a new situation, don’t lose heart. It’s just one more opportunity to grow and learn and trust.

Every Promise in the Book is Mine?

Mark 16:15-18

Someone did the math and figured there are 7,474 promises in the Bible. Are they all for you and me to claim? Chuck Swindoll says there are two kinds of promises in the Bible: personal and universal. Learning to discern between the two is the challenge.