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In some ways worship is like prayer—a bit elusive, hard to define concisely or assign a structure to, and yet something you can’t help but recognize and participate in when it flows from genuine passion. One thing is certain: true worship always focuses on who God is.

What are other signs of true worship? How is it cultivated? What stifles or destroys it? What kind of music fuels it? How can pastors and music leaders provide the best possible environment for people to worship unashamedly and without distraction? And how do modern technology and changing music styles affect worship in the church?

We hope these resources will help clarify the essential elements of true worship. When you engage in this vital communication with God, you’ll be surprised how quickly your worries and negative thoughts evaporate!

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The Love of God

The popular notion of God, as if He were a benign, aging grandfather, sitting passively in heaven—affable, lenient, permissive, and devoid of any real displeasure over sin because He loves us—cheapens God's love. It doesn't uphold the value of His love. In truth, looking into God's heart to discover His love is to discover His other attributes as well.