Stop Worrying and Start Trusting

Artwork for Things to Stop and Start

Our world is filled with addictions. To the surprise of many, addictions are not limited to those outside the family of God. Many within the Body of Christ struggle with nagging, relentless habits that defy quick and easy solutions. We seek help, but they don’t go away. We share them with a few close friends, hoping that in the process we will somehow break free, but that doesn’t happen. There are rare occasions when we find a measure of relief, but it isn’t long before the battle returns—and usually it’s with the same enemy of our souls that leaves us discouraged and defeated. Curiously, the most common addiction is not labelled as one. Thanks to our creative ability to rationalize our way around it, we pass it off like it’s of little consequence. We even convince ourselves that it’s normal—we say to ourselves, “Well everybody does it so it’s OK.” But the truth is that this habit is never treated lightly in the Scriptures. And what is the “most common of all addictions?” Worry. What an emotional drain! What a waste! It’s time we stopped our habit of worrying and replaced it with the God-given solution: trusting!