Stop Procrastinating and Start Following Through

Artwork for Things to Stop and Start

The beginning of a year is an ideal occasion to come to terms with how we utilize our time.  With all these weeks and months stretching out in front of us, we have an excellent opportunity to focus on how well we handle our days. Looking back, most of us can recall saying the same words again and again: “I don’t have enough time.” While we may repeat that statement with great sincerity, is it true? Stop and think, is it really true that we don’t have “enough time” in our day? Could it be that out problem is not having enough time, but making the most of the time we have? Convicting though it may be, everyone has the same amount of time in his or her day…no matter his or her age, gender, social status, marital status, or education. At the beginning of the day, we are all given the same number of hours. The crucial issue is not having enough time, but using it wisely and well. More often than not, we’ve formed the habit of putting off what needs to get done rather than following through on those things we need to accomplish. Let’s address that habit today.