A Time for Strong Resolve

Artwork for The Sanctity of Life...The Inescapable Issue

Courage is just another word for inner strength. Courage is the determination to hang in there, to persevere, endure hardship, fear, and all manner of difficulty. The fact is, it’s impossible to live victoriously for Jesus Christ without courage. We cannot honour God in a godless culture without courage. The real test of courage isn’t so much for those fighting on the battlefield…or for witnessing in the midst of opposition…or even for facing down a burglar in our homes. Real courage demands a strong resolve that goes much deeper than all of that…and is much more demanding. Be assured that in some way, your resolve will be tested today and every day. Your test of courage may not be as exciting as a beachhead landing or sailing around Cape Horn or making a spacewalk. Instead, it may be as simple as saying no to an improper invitation. It may be as uneventful as facing a pile of laundry with a positive attitude. It may be a private or unknown struggle within you between right and wrong. Remember, God’s Medal of Honour winners are made in secret, because our most courageous acts occur down deep inside…away from the view of the general public. That takes courage. It takes a strong resolve.