Will You Lead or Lag?

Artwork for Questions Christians Ask

The ministry of a local church resembles an iceberg, not because it’s cold and clumsy but because much of what goes on happens beneath the surface, away from public awareness. Every significant ministry survives because of faithful, consistent, dedicated servant-leaders. While some of the leaders have highly visible positions, known and seen by many, most do their work behind the scenes, seldom recognized or applauded by the public.

Just as an iceberg reveals only a tenth of its mass above water, so the visible leadership of a church only comprises a small portion of its ministry. Whether or not you fill a visible role, God cares about good leadership—the kind mentioned in Scripture, modelled by men and women who served their generations with integrity and refused to lag behind because of pressure, demands, or ingratitude. God still requires the same kind of leadership today to sustain His ministry. Strong and determined yet gracious and godly are the qualities we witness in those we will study in this lesson.