A Postcard to a Lady and Her Kids

Artwork for New Testament Postcards: A Study of Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude

There are few words that better characterize Scripture than balance. Time after time we see a balanced reminder of warning and encouragement, grace and truth, doctrine and practice, dos and don’ts. This observation comes through loud and clear in the “postcard” written by the Apostle John to a lady and her family. Although tiny and obscure, the second letter of John still penetrates our hearts and minds today. This postcard provides instruction in the area of discernment by reinforcing the importance of both love and truth. While commending the lady and her family for walking in the truth (2 John 1:4-5), John exhorted her to be on alert for deceivers and to refuse hospitality to false teachers (1:7-11). Just as a river without the boundaries of the shorelines can become a devastating force, love without discernment can sweep away the reality of sin and the power of grace. John’s letter to a lady and her children provides for us guidance as we seek to balance truth and love.