Tender Words from a Mentor

Artwork for Paul’s Swan Song: A Study of 2 Timothy

Prison wasn’t something new for Paul. He had previously spent at least four years confined by Roman authorities (Acts 24:27; 28:30). However, his time in the Mamertine dungeon was something new. It was a cold, dark, foul-smelling place; little more than a hole in the ground under the crowded streets of Rome. And though Dr. Luke had cared for Paul’s physical needs (2 Timothy 4:11), the apostle longed to see his spiritual son. Timothy still ministered in Ephesus, some 830 miles to the southeast. Ministry was still troublesome. Heretical hounds still barked and bit. And the naturally reserved Timothy had grown weary and timid. A few tender words from his mentor were just the boost of confidence and courage the young pastor needed.