God's Book—God's Voice

Artwork for Growing Deep in the Christian Life: Returning to Our Roots

Have you ever stopped to think about the benefits of having a copy of the Scriptures in your own language? Have you pondered the thought: What if the Bible never existed? In our overabundant, more-than-enough world, such thoughts are foreign…too impossible to imagine.

But for a few moments, try. Think of the spiritual darkness in which you would walk, the uncertain decisions you would face, the absence of absolutes in your life, the confusion you’d feel. God’s Book, the Bible, is the only reliable guide for our lives. As its pages speak truth, we are wise to hear and heed. As its warnings are revealed, we dare not ignore them. But how can we know for sure that God’s Book is God’s voice? Is it really that trustworthy today? Is it really that sure?