Looking Back: Clearing Away the Trash We Regret

Artwork for Finding Healing Through Forgiveness

Regret. The word causes anxiety to flare up and forms a pit in the stomach. Regrets. We all have them. Like old, rotting trash, the odour of regret lingers, contaminating our joy and polluting our future.

It's time to take out the trash—once and for all! It's time to face the past and leave it there.

The process of addressing our sin and its consequences naturally brings pain. Most of the time, rather than dealing with these failures, we prefer to leave behind the unsettled past and walk into the future. But until we clean house and deal with the past, we will continue to drag with us a smelly garbage bag. In this message, we will look back and deal with our regrets so we can look ahead toward the priorities we need to pursue.