An Evil Interlude

Artwork for Esther: A Woman of Strength and Dignity

The old saying, “Into every life a little rain must fall,” is painfully true. No one—especially anyone whom God plans to use in mighty ways—is immune to difficult times. God’s Word is filled with examples of suffering saints, believers undergoing unfair and unexpected hardships, Christians being misunderstood, maligned, and mistreated. In the Lord’s schoolroom, affliction is a required course, not an elective. And the roster includes some of the best people who ever lived: innocent Job was covered with skin ulcers, faithful Daniel was persecuted, godly Joseph was framed, courageous Paul was beaten, John the Baptizer was beheaded, committed Stephen was stoned to death, and even Jesus was tortured and crucified. In this message, we shall uncover a wicked scheme designed to exterminate the Jews…and we'll find within this account several lessons which are applicable to this very day.