There She Goes...Miss Persia!

Artwork for Esther: A Woman of Strength and Dignity

Whoever said the Bible was irrelevant? Here we are—neck deep in ancient Persian history, reading of events that transpired in the lives of people with strange names who lived in a distant and different culture, yet the scene is one we have little difficulty understanding. And the conflict that arose between this man and his wife is not that unusual from the ones that occur in many homes today. What makes this account unique is that it has been preserved over the centuries and included in the compilation of Holy Scripture, set apart from all other literature by the miraculous inspiration of the Spirit of God. This is no idle story imagined in the mind of some creative novelist whose hope was to entertain readers. Rather, it is the account of what actually transpired, an account which, when correctly interpreted and applied, will bring personal blessing and practical insight. It is as much a part of God's written revelation as better-known stories and sections of the Bible…equally inspired and worthwhile.