Can One Person Make a Difference?

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By now in our study, if you’re like me, you want to believe that you can make a difference in the world, but a voice inside keeps protesting, “Be realistic! The river of history is too wide, and the current of evil is too strong. One person can’t possibly change the course of the world.”

A quick glance at the evening news seems to reinforce that message. Our inner cities have become war zones, our judicial system is a tangle of legal games, and our families are unravelling at the seams. It takes just one step into society’s icy waters to feel sin’s swift current. The idea of making a difference sounds nice, but for those trying to keep from drowning, is it possible?

From the vortex of pressing problems swirling around us, the task looks too difficult to even try. We need to get to high, dry ground, a place of perspective so we can see that our struggles are not unique but have occurred through the ages. And they’ve been squarely challenged by difference-making people. There we’ll draw hope and strength from some of these individuals who did the impossible—who changed the direction of the world. So, if your seat belts are fastened, let’s go!