Cuba: The Leadership Project—Phase 3

Cuba 2013

From April 29-May 3, 2013 Insight for Living Canada held five leadership conferences for about 700 pastors and church leaders from over 20 denominations in Cuba. Daylong conferences were held in Sancti Spiritus, Santa Clara, Jovanellos, Matanzas, and Artemisa.

Carlos Zazueta, the voice of the Spanish Insight for Living (Vision Para Vivir) spoke on themes of the leader’s purity, passion, and perseverance. The messages were received with enthusiasm, openness, and gratitude. Pastor Charles Moralles said, “We really appreciate very much all the efforts of our brothers and sisters in Canada who are giving us their support. Thank you very much. And one day we will see each other in the sky.”

Even a government official in one town who showed up to shut the conference down was blessed. After being convinced everything was official and legal she stayed and listened to Carlos. In the end she declared, “This was good. We need this.”

One of the keys to the success of these conferences is that Insight for Living Canada is non-denominational. And the names Chuck Swindoll and Carlos Zazueta are known and have excellent credibility—even in Cuba! This gives us a unique opportunity to minister to pastors and church leaders from over 20 different denominations.

Plans are now underway for another set of conferences in May 2014. Materials have been shipped and, Lord willing, we hope to go to the eastern part of Cuba to hold another week of conferences and then travel to Havana for a rally.

To facilitate these conferences our goal was to raise $40,000. Thank you for your prayers and financial support which helped us reach that goal.

Please as we continue to help equip leaders to reach Cuba for Christ.


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