May 2011

Mrs. Bertha Adams, 71 years old, died alone in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Easter Sunday. The coroner's report read: Cause of death…malnutrition. She had wasted away to 50 pounds.

If there's one attitude families are guilty of more than any other when it comes to mothers, it's presumption…taking them for granted…being nearly blind on occasion to the load moms carry. This was reinforced in my mind last week as I was thumbing through a row of crazy greeting cards at a local drugstore. Time and again the joke in the card drew its humour from this obvious attitude that pervades a household: Forget the housework, Mom.

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Are you crowded by clutter? Is your life jammed with junk? Are the good things keeping you from the best things? In this brief video, Chuck Swindoll encourages you to simplify your life. It’s worth the effort!

One of the most beautiful blueprints ever designed has been God's plan for marriage. Established before there was any sin in the world, marriage illustrates God's perfect design for relationships.

Let's consult the Architect for three ways to live in this wonderful establishment called marriage. We'll use Proverbs 24:3-4 as our home base:


In this video, Chuck encourages us to pray for more to hear the Gospel.